A scorpion preserved in amber was found in Elwak, Somalia. We wanted it to be appraised. It turns green under light. We have video if you need.


Not sure . About size of a key

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Amber R

Mearto specialist

June 3, 2024
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Hello! I regret to inform you, but I do believe this is a scorpion set in modern plastic or a resin cast. While the semi-precious stone of amber can include air pockets; they would not setting in the way your example has done. If this was a fossilized specimen in the stone amber; I would expect it to meet the below identifiers: 1. Surrounded and embedded in other material or sediment (a fossil matrix). 2. A heavy , stone-like weight from the mineral transition the remains. Is is called the permineralization and replacement period and takes tens-of-thousands to millions of years. 3. Coloration variants and crystallization in the form. A small stand made of wood or metal could enhance the "found-art-object-ness" of this beautiful form, as it is a great conversation piece.