Meet Mearto!

Mearto provides quick and affordable online appraisals of fine art, antique and collectible items.

From the comfort of your home and with the click of a button, get an expert’s opinion on the value of your item.

Once upon a time in Copenhagen...

Mearto was born in 2015 in a trendy tech start-up space on Islands Brygge, Copenhagen. Co-founders Mads Hallas Bjerg and Johan Laidlaw, successful entrepreneurs with backgrounds in data science and digital media and a shared passion for collecting, were frustrated by their own efforts to estimate the value of certain items, so they set out to find a solution.

Mads and Johan personally visited and compiled data from all of Europe's leading auction houses. They also spoke with hundreds of industry experts and surveyed thousands of collectors to determine both the immediate and longterm needs of the market.

Lindsey Bourret, an American expat who joined the Mearto team in 2019, leads the company's daily operation and development, as managing director, and launched Signature for fine art authentication in 2023.
Mearto wouldn't exist without our dedicated team of internationally-based appraisal specialists, who provide quick and accurate appraisals to our customers around world and around the clock. Many of our specialists have positions within auction houses, universities, museums or have their own private appraisals practice in addition to their work for Mearto, and while we protect their full names for insurance and liability purposes, we can assure you that each member of our team is a highly qualified and experienced professional in their respective categories. In a world that is increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence, we value the human touch and encourage you to reach out and chat with our specialists if you have any questions or concerns about your online appraisal.