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Mearto Specialist:

Amber R

Amber has 15 years experience documenting and cataloging fine art, textiles, historical collections and decorative arts for auction, museum, and library special collection departments. Amber's experience includes working with team members in the fields of Geoscience, Archaeology and Paleontology, and researching authenticity for cultural heritage and natural history institutions across North America. In addition to her work for Mearto, Amber also provides personal property and estate valuations in the Southwestern United States.

If you have fossil or geology material related to the following - you might need an appraisal.

Rare fossils and geological specimens are highly sought after by collectors, researchers, and museums due to their scientific significance, historical value, and aesthetic appeal. Here are some examples:

Exceptional Fossil Specimens: Fossils of rare or unusual organisms are highly prized. This might include fossils of extinct species such as dinosaurs, early mammals, or ancient marine reptiles like ichthyosaurs or plesiosaurs. Additionally, exceptionally preserved fossils, such as those found in amber or in Lagerstätten (sites with exceptional preservation conditions), are considered rare and scientifically valuable.

Type Specimens: Type specimens are the original specimens used to describe and name a new species. They are often housed in museums and research institutions and are considered extremely valuable for scientific study. Acquiring type specimens, especially of rare or newly discovered species, is a significant achievement for researchers and institutions.

Meteorites: Meteorites are rare geological specimens that have fallen to Earth from space. Certain types of meteorites, such as those from Mars or the moon, are particularly rare and scientifically valuable due to their unique composition and potential insights into the formation and history of our solar system.

Mineral Specimens: Rare minerals and gemstones are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. This might include specimens of minerals that are only found in specific geological formations or locations, as well as those with unusual crystal habits, colors, or optical properties.

Geological Formations: Unusual or rare geological formations, such as natural arches, caves, or unique rock formations, are prized for their aesthetic beauty and geological significance. These formations may be protected as natural landmarks or attractions, making them rare and valuable to study and preserve.

Historical Geological Specimens: Geological specimens collected by famous scientists or associated with significant geological discoveries are considered rare and historically important. These specimens often have documented provenance and may be housed in museum collections or private archives.

Rare Geological Events: Some geological events, such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, or meteorite impacts, produce rare geological phenomena that are highly valued for scientific study. Examples include impact craters, volcanic glass, or earthquake-induced liquefaction features.

Overall, rare fossils and geological specimens play a crucial role in advancing our understanding of Earth's history, evolution, and geological processes. They are prized for their scientific, educational, and cultural significance, and efforts are made to study, preserve, and protect them for future generations.

We often do fossil appraisal - here are a few examples:

Ammonite Fossil
Devonian Period (410 to 360 Million Years Ago) $700 to $1500

Mastodon (Mammut americanum) $400 to $600

Ammonite Fossil Plate
Devonian Period (410 to 360 Million Years Ago) $85 to $125

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