Large 4", 2 lb Oscar Wilde bronze coin with attached key

This large Oscar Wilde coin has his name on the left front, and his birth and death dates on the right front. The coin is signed on the back, is quite heavy, about 2 lbs and 4" in diameter, and has a key attached by a small bronze-colored chain. The key has is printed "RUB 13" on one side of the head of the key, and has the number "53" on the other. The coin is signed on the back, which appears to read "Gus" something (see photo). I suspect that the last name is French as the wording on the back of the coin is in French. This could be an elaborate souvenir of some type, but I purchased it from an antique store about 20 years ago, Thanks, Quenten


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December 20, 2023
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Based on the photographs and information provided, the subject of this appraisal is a hotel skeleton key stamped 52 and an attached bronze medal commemorating Oscar Wilde, circa mid-20th century from the L'Hotel in Paris, France. The L'Hotel was known during Wilde's lifetime as the Hôtel d'Alsace, and Wilde famously took up residence there in his final days. The medal featuring Wilde matches a commemorative plaque displayed at the hotel. See According to the current owner, the medal itself weighs about 2 lbs. and is approximately 4" in diameter. The condition based on photographs is good, with a light tarnished area on the back of the medal noted. Matching pieces of this item have not been found at auction, so a general estimate is given based on prices realized at auction for similar commemorative brass medals. Fair Market Value (a pre-auction estimate) of this item would be estimated at $200 to $300.