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Delia has nearly 30 years of experience at regional and international auction houses in the United States, and is also currently the editor of an art and antiques trade publication that tracks market trends, auctions and antiques shows. Delia is a generalist in glass, ceramics, silver and other metals, fine art, textiles, antiquities, wines and spirits, stamps and currency, collectibles and dolls and toys. Additionally, she is a specialist in 15th to 21st Century furniture from around the world. Her extensive professional network of appraisers, curators, dealers and collectors has proven to be an invaluable resource in her work for Mearto.

Antique appraisal online - how we help you find the value of your antiques.

Understanding the antique appraisals processes is crucial for anyone looking to buy, sell or insure their antiques. An appraisal is an expert's estimate of an item's value, typically determined by its age, condition, rarity, historical significance and market demand.

The antique appraisal process begins with providing a thorough description of the item, including its dimensions, materials, condition and any known history or provenance. High-quality photographs from multiple angles are essential to give the appraiser a clear view of the item and provide a high quality online antique appraisal.

The appraiser will research the item, comparing it to similar pieces that have been sold recently, using auction records, antique catalogs and databases, to ensure their antiques appraisal is accurate and up-to-date. After the research and examination, the appraiser provides a detailed report that includes the item's estimated value, an explanation of how the value was determined and any relevant market insights.

In this guide, we take a closer look at the fascinating world of antique appraisals, uncovering what makes an item an antique, the key aspects to consider when buying, and the best practices for managing inherited collections and understanding market trends.

We help a lot of customers to find the value of their antiques. Here are a few examples of our online antique appraisals:

Do you need help to answer the difficult question "how much is my antiques worth?" $200 to $300

Antique Sterling Silver Rococo Soup Turreen. Based on the marks I can read, this was made in London between 1824-1825. $2500 to $3500

A 14K Gold & Onyx Dress Ring, 1950's. $300 to $400

How old does something have to be to be considered an antique?

Typically, an antique is an object that is at least 100 years old. However, an item's value holds more significance than its actual age. Experts, when conducting an antique appraisal, consider an antique valuable due to historical or aesthetic reasons, such as its association with a historical figure or major event. Factors like condition, rarity, and craftsmanship also contribute to an item being perceived as an antique.

Vintage refers to items that are less than 100 years old but generally at least 20-30 years old. The term is often used to describe items that are representative of the style and characteristics of a particular era. Vintage items can include clothing, furniture, jewelry, and accessories that are considered to have aesthetic or nostalgic value. They are appreciated for their quality, design and the period they represent, often evoking a sense of nostalgia.

Retro refers to items that are newly made but designed to imitate or evoke the style of a previous era, typically from the mid-20th century. Retro items are often inspired by the trends and designs of the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, and they aim to capture the look and feel of those times. Unlike vintage, retro items are not old; they are contemporary products with a nostalgic design. We can of course clarify all of this in our antique appraisal.

What should I look for when buying antiques?

Before you hit the antiques market, take some time to educate yourself. Understanding the history and significance of certain items, and staying updated on current market trends and prices will help you recognize good deals and avoid overpaying. When you find an object that you find interesting, check for any marks, signatures, or labels that can help identify the maker, origin, or period of the item. These marks can be crucial in verifying authenticity. Then, inspect the item closely for any damage, repairs, or restorations. Minor wear and tear can be expected, but significant damage can affect the item's value. Finally, consider the aesthetic appeal of the item. Well-designed, visually appealing pieces often attract more interest and value.

Antiques can often be identified and valued by a mark found on the item, which identifies the maker. Reading various resources such as Antiques Trade Gazette, Art & Antiques, and Homes & Antiques can aid in learning about antiques. Our experts also recommend making your purchases through a reputable dealer who will set fair prices, ensure that the items you’re buying are legally acquired and not subject to any restrictions or repatriation claims, and, in many cases, offer a warranty or guarantee of authenticity.

Before purchasing an antique online, look for listings with detailed descriptions and high-quality photos from multiple angles, and check the return policy of the seller. A good return policy can provide peace of mind if the item does not meet your expectations. You should also use well-known online marketplaces that specialize in antiques, such as 1stDibs, Ruby Lane, and Chairish, to find the most unique items at reasonable prices.

I've just inherited a large collection of antiques. What should I do?

Inheriting a large collection of antiques can be both exciting and overwhelming. The first step is to take inventory of what you have. Carefully document each item, including its description, any visible markings, and its condition. Taking clear photographs of each piece will be helpful. After that, you may want to reach out to a professional appraiser to take stock of your collection.

While you could hire an antiques appraiser in your area, online appraisal services like Mearto offer affordability and convenience by allowing you to send images to a qualified antiques appraisal expert and get an accurate valuation back in a matter of days instead of weeks or months. Our prices are also much lower than traditional appraisers. Send us images from your collection and we'll help you decide which items are worth having appraised, based on a quick review and our extensive knowledge of the current market for certain antique items. We often do antique appraisals of large collections and the more items you have the cheaper it is per antique appraisal.

What does the market for antiques look like in 2024?

The market for antiques in 2024 is shaped by several trends and factors that reflect the evolving interests and behaviors of collectors and buyers. With a growing emphasis on sustainability, many buyers are turning to antiques as an eco-friendly alternative to new furniture and decor. Vintage items, which often boast superior craftsmanship and unique designs, are particularly appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

Popular categories this year include: Mid-Century Modern (furniture, lighting, and decor), Art Deco and Art Nouveau, and collectibles and memorabilia. Millennials and Gen Z collectors tend to prefer unique, story-rich items over traditional antiques. This generational change is driving interest in more eclectic and diverse pieces, from vintage fashion to retro electronics.

Items that could be considered vintage or "retro" appeal to a new generation of antiques collectors. Despite challenges related to authenticity and saturation, the market for antiques in 2024 remains robust, with continued interest from both seasoned collectors and new buyers. The integration of digital tools, the emphasis on sustainability, and the appeal of unique historical items contribute to a dynamic and evolving market landscape.

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