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Indian & Child Artwork by Ralph Y Courtney from Native American Art Competition - American Philatelic Society 94th Annual Convention Stamp Show '80 Spokane, Washington


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Nora Curl

Mearto specialist

December 20, 2023
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This is a vintage, late 20th century, special commissioned printed poster that was published for the American Philatelic Society 94th Annual Convention Stamp Show in 1980. The poster features the winning work from the Native American Art Competition that was won by Ralph Y. Courtney. The poster is signed 'in plate', meaning the bold signature is part of the print and it is also signed by hand by the artist in the lower margin. This was printed in multiples, though it does not appear to have a limited edition number, thus being an open edition. It is not the original work, it is a print of the original. The value will also depend on the size.