15.5 pounds of rough amber gemstone comprised of 2 pieces

15.5 pounds of rough amber gemstone comprised of 2 pieces, one is cantaloupe size the other is roughly the same size as a "turkey platter" and approximately 7inches thick at it's thickest points. both pieces are very translucent and they do have inclusions. when i purchased this from a local moving sale on facebook, it was a single piece. when it was delivered to my house a few hours later, it had broken into 2 pieces. the attached pics show 2 views of the stones as they were originally in the one piece on a folding chair, and the majority of them are after i had wiped them with a wet cloth to better show them. you can see nearly 2 inches down into the larger stone when damp, and all the way through the smaller piece if wet and held up to a light.


large piece 17 inches by 12.5 inches by 7 inches, smaller piece 7 inches by 3 inches by 4 inches

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Amber R

Mearto specialist

June 3, 2024
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Hi, Ben, It is difficult to confirm, from images, what your specimen is and in what state. I do believe that is is organic and not a plastic form. I do not believe it is fossilized resin (amber), rather, it is resin proper and a collection sample of resent tree resin from a conifer plant (pine, cedar, yew). Resin is a solid or highly viscous substance of plant or synthetic origin, and Amber is the same item fossilized for 10 to 100 of thousands of years. Your item I believe to be recent. Resent being within the past 1000 years to the present. I note the dimensions; but to better determine the state of the object the weight of the example can be helpful. In stating the above; your item is of worth in sculpting arts and string instrument use. It can command a high value. To authenticate and receive a clear valuation: I suggest consulting a regional Geology University or college department. I would also contact a natural history museum. If, from an in-person valuation, It is discovered that the example is Amber the fair market value could triple. I think you made a good purchase and I look forward to hearing back from you and what your plans for the item are! Kind regards, Amber