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Antique militaria pieces and memorabilia are one of the most sought after items by antique collectors. While the items hold an intrinsic value of their own, the sentimental value of militaria items can also add to that value. Most of the militaria pieces that are in the market are also historically significant – some were used by royals and the others have survived the war. If you are lucky enough to have one or a few items in your possession, make sure you take good care of it.

You can also have an expert appraiser look into your militaria items. There are several types of antique militaria pieces such as guns, swords, sabers, and rifles. Each of these items is evaluated differently. Hence, you need to find an expert with experience in appraising any of these items in order to get an accurate assessment of its value.

Militaria found in realised prices

Apr 23, 2017
19th C. Damascus Steel Indo-Persian Bow Militaria
Description: Inlaid with fine silver Koftgari decoration. 32NULL L. Categories: Weapons & Mil...
Apr 23, 2017
Militaria- Silver-Handled Prize Show Cane, 1905
Description: German; with etched inscription NULL Hubertus-Jagd 1905, Gewidmet von Frhr. V. Kesli...
Feb 19, 2017
WWII US Engineers Corps Militaria Pocket Compass
Description: In a brass case, marked NULLPlan Ltd./ Neuchatel/ SwitzerlandNULL above numbers. 2NU...
Feb 05, 2017
Henri Farre (1871-1934) Militaria Etching on Paper
Description: NULLPortrait of French WW I Flying Ace George Guynemer,NULL hand-colored, signed low...
Jan 15, 2017
Militaria- Silver-Handled Prize Show Cane, 1905
Description: German; the L-shaped handle with impressed design similar to that of a horseshoe wit...
Jan 15, 2017
Militaria- Antique Engraved Steel Trident Halberd
Description: Continental; having one straight and two curving prongs, the base engraved on both s...
Jan 15, 2017
Militaria- Indo-Persian Damascene Steel Bow
Description: 19th century, the weapon with silver koftgari decoration to the top, bottom, and gri...
Jan 15, 2017
Naval Ordnance Laboratory Retirement Ashtray
Description: Militaria; the heavy assemblage consisting of the silvered bottom of a 16NULL/45-cal...
Jan 15, 2017
Militaria- Antique Japanese Tanto Dagger
Description: Probably Meiji, the tanto with shagreen-covered tsuka, cherry blossom-decorated kash...