Unopened Sealed in Box Vintage 1998 Dom Perignon Champagne

This item was given to me by someone whose relative had passed away. The relative lived in a Manhattan apartment and was from Long Island. The individual who inherited this while cleaning out the apartment asked me if I would like to have it as he didn't drink and naturally I said "Yes" :) It appears to be in excellent condition. I am in the processing of moving and I need to disperse various items.


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December 20, 2023
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Hi Alessia, Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry. Based on the photos and information provided, and subject to examination, this is: An unopened boxed bottle of 1998 Dom Perignon Moet Et Chandon a Expernay Fondee en 1743 750 ML CONDITION: Unopened PROVENANCE: gift $350-450* *represents a fair-market value for auction purposes; retail or asking price may vary. Please let us know if you have additional items to appraise, and thank you again for using Mearto.