One fossil is a footprint and the other is of a birdwing.

I found these fossils in eastern New Mexico back in the mid 1990's.


Bird wing L5.5", W4.75", H 1". The small footprint L6.25" W3.75", H2.25'.

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Amber R

Mearto specialist

June 3, 2024
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Hello, Carol, Sorry for our delay in assessing your submission; it was placed into a different category, and because of that; I was not immediately notified of your request. But I have it now and have the above value assessment and information below, for you! I have made a individual FMV assessment for each section in the description. I live in this region of the US and have attended many gem and mineral shows as well as the University of New Mexico Archaeology Museum. The beautiful brick color of your examples is well represented here in the South West. From images, it is not possible to confirm with one-hundred precent accuracy the authenticity and age. I suggest; if you are interested in more information on your pieces, to contact a regional geological museum or university department for an in-person assessment. I hope to have given you a clear and informative start with the information below. Two Fossil Impression or Trace Fossil Specimens. Unknown era North America; Southwestern United States example items each with a corresponding recto and verso image. Example 1: Appearance of a wing-like fossil impression of an avian animal of unidentifiable date. A fossil impression is the relief in a mineral material, most often limestone or other sedimentary rock. It does not contain a fossilized specimen; only the impression of the fossilized living organism's organic matter. It is also possible that this is a ripple-marked sandstone section; created from the prehistoric Permian Sea receding from the region 540 million years ago. (in the Palaeozoic Period). Section measurements: 1"H x 5.5"L x 4.75"W; unknown weight. FMV range: $25- $50 USD Example 2: Possible trace fossil of a bird or reptile, of unknown age impressed into a sedimentary rock. A trace fossils includes tracks, trails, burrows, feeding marks, and resting marks; this appears to be toe impressions. There are seven avian foot types and the animals evolution has changed over the many years of existence. It is not possible to tell, from images, what reptilian or avian animal made this impression. Measurements; 2.25"H x 6.25"L x 3.75"W; unknown weight. Estimated FMV $40 to $75 USD Together these will make a beautiful display with custom metal formed stands. Keeping the items together will continue to increase the value. A more exact detail on where the item was discovered could also increase the value. It is important to recognize local, state, and US federal laws and prohibitions of sale and shipment of Fossils and Paleontology items. I wish you much success in future digs! If you are interested in selling your item with us, please see the instructions here: