La Marque Pocket Watch

Still in working condition. "INCABLOC, 17 JEWELS" is written on the face. It was my grandmother's watch.


The face is about 1" in diameter.

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Mearto specialist

December 20, 2023
Fair Market Value:

Hello Leslie, Thank you for sending in this family pocket watch to for an appraisal TITLE: Ladies Gold filled, pendant wound and pendant set, 17 jewel, Incabloc shock resistance, open face pocket watch, wholesaled from La Marque in New York City and made in Switzerland circa 1950s. [La Marque Watch Company of NYC was first listed in 1955 as an importer, wholesaler and distributor of Swiss watches.] PROVENANCE: It was my grandmother's watch. DESCRIPTION: Case: Size not provided. This is a gilt engine turned case with engraved flowers and vines on the rear cover and on the dial bezel surrounding the dial. There is a fluted coin shaped pendant at the twelve position with a round bow (for attaching a chain or necklace), placed opposite the case hinge. There is coin shaped engine turning around the circumference of the barrel of the watch. The inside of the cover is not shown so I cannot tell whether this is gold filled or gold plated. Usually, this company handles lower end Swiss watches and in my search I did not find one example of a solid gold case. So, I have to assume that this is not a solid gold watch. Dial: Silvered round dial with black enameled Roman hour track, no minute markers or seconds hand or dial. The dial is marked for the importer in New York City, ‘La Marque’, placed in the upper dial. In the lower dial is “Incabloc, 17 jewels”. There are rococo baroque copies of 18th century Chippendale style hands in steel painted black. This is typical of the mid-20th century pocket watch dials. Movement: Not shown, nor evaluated. However, we know all of these are mechanical movements Made in Switzerland and exported directly to La Marque in the USA. The one movement that I could find was a nickel split three quarter plate movement marked SEMAG, a maker I cannot even find listed in my textbooks. The plates are marked, Swiss made 17 jewels, unadjusted, exposed ratchet and crown wheels and it has a definitive Swiss made regulator to make the watch run faster and slower. When the back cover is removed the actual movement is smaller than the size or width of the watch case. CONDITION: Case- In very good condition. . .Dial – Excellent condition. . . Movement- Not evaluated but likely an inexpensive Swiss made movement. COMPARABLES: (Sold for $30 in 2021) (Sold for $50 in 2019) (sold retail for $90.) PRICING: These are very inexpensive watches and I am sorry to have to report that to you about your grandmother’s watch. I believe the fair market value of your pocket watch would fall into the $40-$50 range with a retail value about twice that amount. Thank you for choosing for your appraisal. My best, David