Knights templar ceremony sword

The ceremonial sword and display case are in very good condition. The display case and sword inscription reads Heckathorne. The carrying case is Heckathorn without the E at the end.


The display case is 41x11x4. The sword itself measures 37"

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Mearto specialist

June 3, 2024
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Hello Mark, Thank you for choosing Mearto for your online appraisal and for your patience. It seems your item was previously assigned to an expert who is no longer with Mearto. Regarding your item: This item is the Knights Templar Ceremony Sword, a cherished artifact steeped in historical and ceremonial significance. Accompanied by a display case, this sword is in remarkably good condition, preserving the traditions and rituals of the legendary order of knights. Its exact production date is not certain, although it seems 19th century. The inscription "Heckathorne" adorns both the display case and the sword itself, adding an intriguing layer of provenance and historical context to the artifact. This name likely denotes either the maker or a previous owner of the sword, offering valuable insights into its lineage and history, although this is not certain either as the name has not been recognized. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the sword boasts ornate design elements and symbolic embellishments characteristic of Knights Templar tradition. From the intricately decorated hilt to the elegantly curved blade, every aspect of the sword reflects the honor and prestige associated with knighthood. Housed within its display case, the Knights Templar Ceremony Sword serves as a cherished heirloom, preserving the legacy of an ancient and storied brotherhood. Very good condition Thank you again for submitting your item and I hope that you have a nice day! Kind regards, David U.