Framed painting by R. Hunt (born in Vienna)

This is a framed painting I inherited from my family's estate. The painting appears to be of a Monterey oceanside landscape featuring several cypress trees and is signed "HUNT" The frame is wood with an overall dimensions of 56" x 32" as measured from outside edge to outside edge. The canvas measures 48" x 24" as measured from the interior edges of the frame. There is a biography of R. Hunt affixed to the back of the painting describing him as a contemporary Austrian artis, born in Vienna. There is a label affixed to the back of the painting "Davis Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii"


56"x 32"

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Anne M.

Mearto specialist

June 3, 2024
Fair Market Value:

Hello T. Chung, Thank you very much for submitting your item for an appraisal. The presented object appears to be an oil on canvas painting depicting a coastal scene. It measures 56 x 32 inches and is signed "Hunt" in the bottom right corner. It also has a gallery label on the back with a short biography of the artist "R. Hunt." I am not familiar with any artist by this name and with this background and I could not find any auction records for such an artist, so the painting would likely be sold with the attribution of "20th Century American School." It is large and quite pretty, however the market for such an unattributed work is not particularly strong, so I would estimate the current fair market value, based on recently achieved auction results for similar paintings, at $200 to 300, though retail and asking prices may vary. If you have any questions about this appraisal, please let me know in the comments section below. Thank you again for your submission and have a wonderful day! Kind regards, Anne