Dale Chihuly Hand Blown Glass Chandelier

I purchased a home that was designed by a fairly decently famous architect (very modern home).... and in the entryway is a Dale Chihuly Hand blown glass chandelier. I believe it to be 4’x5 or 4.5’x5 something like that (it’s still hanging in entryway). Would love to know it’s value.


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Mearto specialist

December 20, 2023
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Hi Sommer, Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry. Dale Chihuly is an artist whose works have been faked and there are many reproductions on the market so tracing the provenance and authenticating any signature on the chandelier would go a long way in determining if this is an original or a copy. If this is an original, it could quite easily have a value of $30-50,000 if not more and there would be many auction houses who would no doubt be interested in selling this on your behalf and who could help you authenticate it. As a copy or reproduction, it would be worth maybe a tenth of that, around $3,000-5,000. Let us know if you have additional items to appraise and thank you for using Mearto.