Carved Chinese Jade Bi Disk with a stand

This is (I believe) a very old Chinese Bi Disk on a wooden stand. It was previously purchased at the gallery in Vancouver in 1976. It appears to be in a perfect condition.


25 cm in diameter, thickness from 1 to 2 cm

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Dealer or Gallery

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David U.

Mearto specialist

June 3, 2024
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Hello Klaudia, This item is a mid-19th century Carved Chinese Jade Bi Disk, accompanied by a stand. The Bi Disk is a symbol of heaven in ancient Chinese culture and is often associated with power and authority. It’s a flat, circular jade object with a circular hole in the center, representing the harmony between heaven and earth. The jade disk is intricately carved with delicate designs, showcasing the artisan’s skill and the importance of jade in Chinese culture. Jade was highly valued in ancient China, not only for its beauty but also for its perceived mystical properties and its association with good health, prosperity, and protection. Retail prices may vary