Japanese Bronze Hibachi



8” x 5”

Acquired From:

Flea Market

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Amber R

Mearto specialist

June 3, 2024
Fair Market Value:

Japanese Bronze Hibachi Meiji Period (1860s to 1910s) Bronze cast maker's mark- Unknown maker An antique Japanese hibachi (brazier) cast in bronze. A four footed, quatrefoil form decorated in relief with willow tree, cranes, and clouds. a A hibachi of this size would have been originally used as a hand warmer. It looks like the piece was converted into a flower arrangement vase; with a flower frog attached to the interior base. Great condition; measurements: 8 inches x 5 inches; unknown weight. One can investigate the possible production.maker with the use of this opensource book: https://library.si.edu/digital-library/book/japanesemarkssea00bowe Maker knowledge could make a negligible increase to this works FMV.