Blue Tin Box - Chinese Collectable

I don't know much about the item as the sign on the bottom is Chinese and not something that can be digitally translated. It's in good condition and was part of an inheritance from a wealthy uncle. I don't know the origin and am hoping to find out more about it and value.



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David U.

Mearto specialist

June 3, 2024
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Hello Alana, Thank you for choosing Mearto for your online appraisal. This item is a late 19th-century Chinese cloisonné small brass box, meticulously crafted and adorned with intricate geometric patterns and animated scenes on its sides. The box showcases the exquisite artistry and craftsmanship of Chinese cloisonné, a technique where thin strips of metal are used to create compartments (cloisons) that are filled with enamel paste and fired to create vibrant and durable designs. The geometric patterns on the box are arranged in a symmetrical and harmonious manner, reflecting traditional Chinese design aesthetics. The animated scenes depicted on the sides of the box are rendered with precision and detail, capturing moments of everyday life, folklore, or mythological themes. These scenes may include figures, animals, landscapes, or narrative vignettes, each adding a layer of storytelling and cultural significance to the piece. During the late 19th century, cloisonné enamel work reached its peak in China, with artisans producing high-quality pieces for both domestic and export markets. This box would have likely been used to store small personal items or precious treasures, serving both a functional and decorative purpose. Good condition overall