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Taxidermy involves the preservation of an animal's body via mounting or stuffing for display or study. "Rare taxidermy" typically refers to specimens that are uncommon or exotic, either due to the species itself being rare or endangered, or because of the uniqueness of the taxidermy process or presentation. Here are a few examples:

Extinct Species: Taxidermy specimens of animals that are extinct or critically endangered can be considered rare. For instance, a taxidermy mount of the extinct passenger pigeon or the Tasmanian tiger would be exceedingly rare and potentially valuable.

Uncommon Species: Taxidermy of rare or exotic species not commonly seen in collections can also be considered rare. This might include animals from remote regions or those with specialized habitats. Examples could include rare birds of paradise, deep-sea creatures, or elusive mammals like the snow leopard.

Artistic or Unusual Presentation: Some taxidermy pieces are rare due to their unique artistic presentation. This could involve unconventional poses, surreal compositions, or imaginative dioramas that elevate the art form beyond traditional mounts.

Historical Significance: Taxidermy specimens with historical significance can also be considered rare. For example, a taxidermy mount associated with a famous explorer or a specimen collected during a significant scientific expedition may be highly sought after by collectors.

Fantasy Taxidermy: There's also a genre of taxidermy known as "fantasy taxidermy," where artists create imaginative and often whimsical pieces that blend different animal parts or combine animals with fantastical elements. These pieces are rare due to their artistic nature and the skill required to create them.

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