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Delia has nearly 30 years of experience at regional and international auction houses in the United States, and is also currently the editor of an art and antiques trade publication that tracks market trends, auctions and antiques shows. Delia is a generalist in glass, ceramics, silver and other metals, fine art, textiles, antiquities, wines and spirits, stamps and currency, collectibles and dolls and toys. Additionally, she is a specialist in 15th to 21st Century furniture from around the world. Her extensive professional network of appraisers, curators, dealers and collectors has proven to be an invaluable resource in her work for Mearto.

Welcome to our premier sports memorabilia appraisal service, where we specialize in evaluating and authenticating your prized sports collectibles. Whether you own vintage jerseys, historic autographed items, rare trading cards, or unique sports artifacts, our expert appraisers are here to help you determine their true value. With a deep understanding of the market and a keen eye for detail, we ensure that each piece is meticulously assessed for authenticity, rarity, provenance, and overall condition.

Our team of certified professionals brings years of experience in the sports memorabilia industry, providing you with reliable and accurate appraisals. Whether you are looking to sell, insure, or simply understand the worth of your collection, we offer comprehensive evaluations tailored to meet your specific needs. Trust us to provide you with the insights and expertise necessary to make informed decisions about your valuable sports memorabilia.

We often do sports memorabilia appraisals - here are a few examples:

A near vintage Michael Jordan signed Washington Wizards basketball jersey
signed on the "2" in 2005
. $3000 to $5000
official Spalding NBA game basketball bearing the signature of Kobe Bryant in silver paint pen. $2500 to $4500

Authenticity of Sports Memorabilia

If your antique sports item is not graded or certified authentic, you need to have it authenticated with a sports memorabilia appraisal by a third-party expert before you can sell it. You can find an expert appraiser that can evaluate your items for its rarity and history. However, there are also certified sports memorabilia authenticators. Here are some of them:

What Constitutes Valuable?

There are thousands of sports memorabilia out there – even old and antique ones. But how do you ensure that yours is of real value? Essentially, any sports memorabilia that is manufactured before 1969 or any date that is older is considered valuable. There are also sports memorabilia that are manufactured at a later date that are considered high value because of their rarity (or ones that are considered limited edition). If you own a piece of sports memorabilia and you cannot determine its actual value, it is best to look for an expert antique appraiser who will look into the item on your behalf. We do sports memorabilia appraisals.

In general, these 3 factors can affect what your sports collectibles are worth:

The team to which the sports items are attributed to can determine the worth of sports collectibles. Apparel associated with popular teams command a higher price than the less popular ones and it will impact your sports memorabilia appraisal

Sports items that are linked with award winners can also get higher value in the market. This award can be from any aspect of the sports such as an Olympic medal, Most Valuable Player Award, Rookie of the Year award, and so on.

Hall of Fame players and memorabilia associated with them can also make a strong case for an expensive price tag in your sports memorabilia appraisal. They add a major boost to your sports memorabilia collection.

History of Sports Memorabilia Collecting

There is a diverse market for antique sports memorabilia. After all, there are sports fans across all generation and there is a wide range of sports to choose from as well. That is why we do a lot of sports memorabilia appraisals.

The history of sports memorabilia collecting started as old as the history of sports itself. When sports became an organized form of competition, it was then when the collecting culture began.

You can find antique sports collectibles that range from popular to bizarre. Indeed, you can collect sports trophies, cards, and even old sports items from popular sports personalities and athletes.

If you are able to authenticate and provide documentation for these antique items, you could potentially command a high price for these items.

Antique sports collectors do so due to their emotional connection to the sports and their favorite sports teams. In addition to the connection with the favorite sports teams, there is also a decorative appeal to these collectible items.

In auctions, the sports items that generate the highest bid are ones that have a distinctive feature or those linked with high-profile associations or history.

Types of Sports Memorabilia

When talking about sports memorabilia, there are plenty of them in the market. The sports memorabilia appraisal we do is from a broad range of categories. There are a variety of sports memorabilia collected by fans from all over the world. This is your list of sports collectibles to choose from:

Football apparel and souvenirs

NFL or National Football League is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world. Therefore, there are plenty of NFL apparel and souvenirs that avid sports fans can collect. The most popular NFL apparel collected includes jerseys, shirts, jackets, hats, watches, and key chains. Super Bowl memorabilia and gear, in particular, are highly in demand. There are also some NFL items that are used as home décor such as team banners, flags, signs, posters, and car accessories.

Basketball apparel and souvenirs

The NBA is the world’s biggest basketball league and also the most popular. Hence, you will find plenty of NBA apparel and souvenir items that are valued at a high price in the market, such as jerseys, jackets, caps, t-shirts, posters, cards, and more. If you can get NBA sports memorabilia linked with some of the greatest players in the NBA, you can also get a higher value for those. Some of these players include Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and so on. Apparel items that are associated with these players can cost a lot!

Baseball apparel and souvenirs

Just like NFL or football, baseball is also a popular sport worldwide. The MLB (Major League Baseball) is one of the most recognizable leagues in the world. Some of the most popular baseball items include baseball bats, batting helmets, bobbleheads, jerseys (autographed and game-worn), t-shirts, vintage photos, throwback jerseys, posters, and prints.

Racing apparel and souvenirs

Racing fans are not as widespread as basketball or football fans; however, these are also loyal and die-hard fans. Hence, they are willing to pay a huge chunk of money to get their hands on rare souvenir items from their favorite racing teams and personalities such as Indy, Formula 1, or NASCAR shirts, jackets, caps, photos, posters, and other forms of souvenirs.

Boxing memorabilia

Boxing is one of the globally popular types of sports. Hence, it comes as no surprise that boxing fans would clamor over rare and antique boxing items such as autographed boxing gloves, match posters, or any items linked to boxing legends such as Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Joe Frazier, and more. There are a few other classifications of sports memorabilia that fans from all over the world are willing to pay a high price for. Some of these include hockey apparel and souvenirs, golf apparel and souvenirs, horse racing souvenirs, tennis apparel and souvenirs, soccer apparel and souvenirs, and cycling souvenirs.

In general, if you own any of these sports-related items that are antique, you should have an expert look into it so you can determine its worth: Autographed items

Team jerseys or apparel
Ticket stubs
Game-used equipment
Sports cards
Handwritten letters

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