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Mearto Specialist:

David U.

Dr. David U. brings over a decade of experience with a distinguished specialization in Asian and African art history. With a background in art consultancy and art management in various international galleries, he is currently lecturing for a luxury house in addition to his work for Mearto. He has curated numerous exhibitions and produced symposia and publications throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. His extensive professional network, as well as his expertise, enhances his appraisals in the categories of: Asian art and antiques, African, Pre-Colombian and Aboriginal art, swords and antique firearms.

Do you need an Asian scroll painting appraisal?

Asian scroll paintings, often created on silk or paper and mounted as scrolls, hold a significant place in the cultural and artistic history of various Asian countries. The rarity and value of these scroll paintings can be influenced by factors such as age, artist, subject matter, historical context, and condition. Here are some types of rare Asian scroll paintings and factors that contribute to their uniqueness:

Antique Chinese Scroll Paintings:

Ancient Chinese scroll paintings, dating back to different dynasties, are highly sought after by collectors. The rarity of these scrolls increases with their age, with some dating back to the Song, Yuan, or Ming dynasties. Famous artists from these periods, such as Shen Zhou or Xu Wei, contribute to the rarity of certain pieces.

Japanese Kakejiku:

Kakejiku refers to Japanese hanging scrolls, often featuring traditional ink and brush techniques. Rare Kakejiku may include works by renowned Japanese artists like Sesshū Tōyō or Ogata Kōrin. Themes such as landscapes, calligraphy, or scenes from classic literature are common.

Korean Joseon Dynasty Scrolls:

Scrolls from the Joseon Dynasty in Korea are valued for their historical significance. Joseon artists, including Shin Yun-bok or Kim Hong-do, created scrolls with themes ranging from landscapes to portraits. Scrolls from this period are relatively rare due to the passage of time.

Buddhist Thangka Paintings:

Thangka paintings are traditional Tibetan Buddhist scroll paintings that often depict deities, mandalas, or religious narratives. Rare Thangkas may include those created by master artists or feature unique iconography. Antique Thangkas, especially those with exceptional craftsmanship, are considered rare.

Mughal Miniature Paintings:

Mughal miniature paintings on scrolls from the Indian subcontinent are highly prized. Works from the Mughal Empire, depicting court scenes, portraits, or Persian-influenced themes, can be rare and valuable. Artists like Abu'l Hasan and Bichitr are associated with this tradition.

Rare Subjects or Themes:

Scrolls featuring rare or unusual subjects, themes, or iconography may be considered particularly valuable. For example, scrolls depicting specific historical events, legendary tales, or unique cultural scenes can be sought after by collectors.

Imperial or Royal Commissions:

Scrolls commissioned by imperial or royal patrons, whether in China, Japan, or other Asian regions, can be exceptionally rare. These commissions often feature the highest level of craftsmanship and may have a documented provenance, increasing their value.

Seals and Signatures:

Scrolls bearing the seals and signatures of renowned artists contribute to their rarity. The presence of a recognized artist's mark adds authenticity and enhances the historical and artistic value of the scroll.

Exceptional Condition:

Scrolls that have been well-preserved over the years, maintaining their original colors and structural integrity, are considered rare. Scrolls in exceptional condition are more likely to fetch higher prices in the market.

Collectors and enthusiasts interested in rare Asian scroll paintings often participate in auctions, visit reputable galleries, and engage with experts to acquire these unique and culturally significant artworks.

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