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Delia has nearly 30 years of experience at regional and international auction houses in the United States, and is also currently the editor of an art and antiques trade publication that tracks market trends, auctions and antiques shows. Delia is a generalist in glass, ceramics, silver and other metals, fine art, textiles, antiquities, wines and spirits, stamps and currency, collectibles and dolls and toys. Additionally, she is a specialist in 15th to 21st Century furniture from around the world. Her extensive professional network of appraisers, curators, dealers and collectors has proven to be an invaluable resource in her work for Mearto.

Precious Moments figurines are a popular collectible, but those considered truly antique are from the early days of the brand, generally between 1976 and the mid-1980s. These early figurines were made by hand in the United States and often had a simpler design than the more elaborate pieces produced later.

Here are some of the factors that can affect the value of an antique Precious Moments figurine:

  • Rarity: Some figurines were produced in much smaller quantities than others. These rarer pieces will naturally be more valuable.
  • Condition: The condition of the figurine is important. Mint condition figurines with no chips, cracks, or paint loss will be worth more than those that are damaged.
  • Box:The original box can also add value to a figurine.

Several factors contribute to the rarity of an antique Precious Moments figurine, making them more valuable to collectors.Here's a breakdown:

  • Limited Editions: Precious Moments occasionally releases figurines in limited quantities. These are produced for a specific timeframe and typically have a marking on the figurine or box indicating their limited status. Naturally,these limited-edition pieces are much rarer than standard production figurines.
  • Early Production Runs (1976-Mid 1980s): Figurines produced during the first decade of Precious Moments (1976-ish to the mid-1980s) are generally considered the most valuable antiques. These early pieces were often handcrafted in the United States and had simpler designs compared to later mass-produced figurines. The sheer passage of time and the potential for breakage or loss also contribute to their rarity.
  • Design Variations: Sometimes, there might be slight variations in a seemingly common design. For instance, a figurine might have a different color flower or a slightly different pose. These subtle variations, especially if they weren't officially documented or widely produced, can make a specific figurine rarer and more sought after by collectors.
  • Production Errors: Believe it or not, occasional production errors can create rare collectibles. This could be a misprinted inscription on the base, a paint color variation outside the norm, or even a missing element later corrected in subsequent production runs. These imperfections, while not ideal from a quality control standpoint, can become prized possessions for collectors seeking unique pieces.
  • Discontinued Designs: Precious Moments has retired many figurine designs over the years. These figurines are no longer produced, and their availability is limited to the existing ones already circulating among collectors. Popular designs that have been discontinued can become quite rare and valuable.

Bonus Tip: Keep an eye out for figurines with the original box, particularly for the earlier releases. The box itself can add value, especially if it's in good condition and complements the figurine's design.

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