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Jonty C.

Jonty has been working in the jewellery field for more than 40 years, 15 of which he spent in senior positions at Sotheby’s. In 1999, he fulfilled a long-held dream and started his own private consulting business in London. Jonty is a qualified gemmologist and diamond expert and an appraiser for jewellery and watches. He is a diamond broker and gemologist, and is a Registered Expert Witness (Civil) in the United Kingdom.

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Mearto offers quick and affordable online appraisals of fine and costume jewelry. Click the "Start Appraisal" button above, follow the steps, and send us information and images. Our specialists will review and provide a fair market and insurance value within 48 hours. Need advice or have questions? Our platform allows chatting with specialists for answers.

What is the purpose and history of jewelry?

Jewelry has a cultural history dating back to prehistory with items like snail shells or bird’s eggs used as beads. It's often considered an archaeological artifact due to its durable materials and personal expression of culture.

Which items can be classified as jewelry?

Jewelry isn’t limited to the body; it can adorn clothing or hair, serve functional purposes, or symbolize status. Types include necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches, hair combs, and more.

Is my jewelry old enough to be considered "antique?"

For jewelry to be 'antique,' it must be at least 100 years old. Notably, the Pink Star Diamond sold for £57.3 million at Sotheby’s Hong Kong in 2017, marking one of the most expensive gemstones.

What influences the value of jewelry?

Materials like metals and stones, along with rarity, condition, craftsmanship, and alterations, determine a piece's value.

Can jewelry lose value over time?

The value depends on the piece. Modern diamond rings might decrease in value, but vintage rings, especially from Victorian and Art Deco eras, can increase. Gold is considered a good investment, but gold jewelry might lose value when melted.

How can I tell if my jewelry is genuine?

Basic tests include the magnet test (gold and silver aren't magnetic) and observing skin reaction (discoloration indicates non-gold or silver). Hallmarks denote metal purity, and imperfections often indicate genuine gemstones. Fogging on diamonds (or lack thereof) and vintage brands can add value to costume jewelry.

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