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Mearto Specialist:

David U.

Dr. David U. brings over a decade of experience with a distinguished specialization in Asian and African art history. With a background in art consultancy and art management in various international galleries, he is currently lecturing for a luxury house in addition to his work for Mearto. He has curated numerous exhibitions and produced symposia and publications throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. His extensive professional network, as well as his expertise, enhances his appraisals in the categories of: Asian art and antiques, African, Pre-Colombian and Aboriginal art, swords and antique firearms.

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What is the history of Japanese art?

Japan has a long history of fine and decorative arts. In fact, this practice dates back to thousands of years ago. The earliest record of art in Japan is from the 10th millennium BC. European interest in Japanese art dates back to the 19th century, although art institutions rarely exhibit Japanese art.

Many Japanese art and antiquities have survived several centuries, considered valuable antiques today due to their historical and artistic significance. A niche but loyal market dedicated to the collection of antique Japanese art is driving its value upwards.

What are some traditional forms of Japanese art?

  • Antique Japanese Calligraphy: The brush painting tradition in Japan is deeply embedded in their culture. Calligraphy is sought after not only for its aesthetic value but also for its literary importance.
  • Antique Japanese Ink Painting: Utilizes the brush, depicting nature, animals, and landscapes distinctively Japanese.
  • Antique Japanese Vases: Examples of the old-time pottery tradition with many regional styles and time period variations.
  • Antique Japanese Woodblock Prints: Highly collectible items, originated in Japan during the 1600s, later during the Taisho period in the 1800s.
  • Antique Japanese Dolls: A huge part of Japanese cultural heritage, with dolls included in celebrations, ceremonies, and rituals.

How should I care for my Japanese art?

For photographs and paintings, store them in a clean, dry, dark place, upright with pads for circulation. For paper or print artworks, protect them from bright light and excess humidity, maintaining an ideal temperature level.

How is Japanese art valued?

  • Materials: Awareness of import laws and regulations for materials used in Japanese art, such as ivory, jade, and hardwood.
  • Condition and Quality: The better the condition and quality, the higher its value.
  • Provenance: A written record of an object's history indicating previous owners and historical significance can significantly increase value.
  • Authenticity: Mark or signature from the artist is crucial for dating and authenticity, adding value to potential collectors.

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