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We often help customers find the value of their hummel figurine - here are a few hummel figurine appraisals:

A vintage MI Hummel hand-painted porcelain "Telling Her Secret" collectible figurine. $50 to $75.

A collection of seven vintage Hummel porcelain collectible figurines. $75 to $125

What is the history of and current market for Hummel figurines?

You can still find modestly priced Hummel figurines. But for the exceptional ones and rare Hummel figurines, they could end up costing up to thousands in dollars! Some have even registered a sale of up to $5,000! If you own one at home and you are thinking about selling these antique collectibles, you need to educate yourself about the Hummel figurines value.

If you are wondering though what makes these figurines so expensive, it is the fascinating history behind them. Its history began in Bavaria during the early 20th century. A Bavarian nun, Berta Hummel, dabbled in art during her stint in the religious order. Her creations depicted children with rosy cheeks. Her fellow nuns have seen her work and encouraged her to begin selling them. Franz Goebel, who was a director of a German pottery company during that time, noticed the success of the nun’s creation. The two agreed to collaborate to transform her paintings and create ceramic pieces. Since then, the Hummel figurines were on display at the Trade Fair and became a household name not just in Europe but in various parts of the world.

In addition to its history, the reason why the figurines became hugely successful was because of its superior craftsmanship. All of the figurines that have circulated in the market have different authenticity markings. You can look for these when buying or selling your antique pieces and get the most value for them.

What should I look for in a Hummel figurine?

Despite it being over a century ago since the first Hummel figurines released into the market, the demand for them has remained consistently high. If you are searching for Hummel figurines, it is important to know what characteristics to look for so you can get the best value for your investment.

Below are some of the characteristics that you need to evaluate when you buy or sell Hummel figurines:

  • Trademark (TMK): The trademark is one of the most important factors to look into when you are buying or selling Hummel figurines. It is an indicator of the manufacturing period for the said figurine/s. You can find it under or over the glaze marks of the figurine. For older figurines though, it is typically found at the base. The older the trademark is, the higher the estimated value of the figurine in the market.
  • Number: There is also a number indicated on the body of the figurine, on top of the trademark. The number will correspond to the name of the figurine. Since figurine numbers are no longer used in recent reproductions, any figurine that has the number is highly valuable. There are also special edition ones that will be more difficult to find, and thus more valuable too.
  • Condition: This is an important factor when Hummel figurines eBay or any other online store has to offer. Figurines in pristine condition will have a higher appraisal. If there are any chips or scratches, its value will not be as high as the ones without.

How can I verify the authenticity of a Hummel figurine?

Before you even delve into the Hummel figurines price list, it is important to start with the most important step: authenticating the antique item. No matter how good the condition of the item is, it won’t be worth much unless it is authentic!

Apart from the very small figurines, you can use the following to identify and authenticate Hummel figurines value in the market:

  • M.I. Hummel Signature: This is the first identifying mark you need to check when collecting Hummel figurines. Even when Goebel manufactured her creations, the only thing that Hummel asked is that all pieces must contain her personal stamp of approval.
  • Goebel Trademark: The trademark stamp is the next identifying element you should look into. The stamp has changed over the years but it will still bear the words ‘Goebel’ or ‘Manufaktur Rodental’. Do not be fooled into thinking though that all figurines that bear this stamp are Hummel figurines.
  • M.I. Hummel Mold Number: The mold number is also present in each piece of Hummel figurine. Each mold was assigned a unique number. This will determine the name and date of manufacture associated with that specific mold number.

What are the highest prices ever paid for Hummel figurines?

There are a few rare pieces that are available for purchase via eBay such as the Hummel “Umbrella Boy” (valued at $1,100), the Hummel 12-inch Figurine Little Fiddler (valued at $299), or the Hummel Goebel She Caught It! Figurine (valued at $249).

Based on auction sales, there are a few more rare figurines coveted by collectors for their high market value. The ‘Ring Around the Rosie’ was sold at an auction in 2013 for up to $1,300. Meanwhile, the ‘Apple Tree Girl’ figurine is one of the most expensive pieces from the antique Hummel figurines in the market valued at $8,000 (with a realized price of about $4,000). For those who are keen to buy both the ‘Apple Tree Boy’ and ‘Apple Tree Girl’ figurines together, expert appraisers would value them together for $26,000.

As one of the most beloved novelty figurines in the market, you can expect that their value will increase over time. The rarer pieces will also be higher in demand. Therefore, it is important to authenticate the antique pieces you get so you can get the best price for it (if you are selling), or get your money’s worth (if you are buying).

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