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Delia has nearly 30 years of experience at regional and international auction houses in the United States, and is also currently the editor of an art and antiques trade publication that tracks market trends, auctions and antiques shows. Delia is a generalist in glass, ceramics, silver and other metals, fine art, textiles, antiquities, wines and spirits, stamps and currency, collectibles and dolls and toys. Additionally, she is a specialist in 15th to 21st Century furniture from around the world. Her extensive professional network of appraisers, curators, dealers and collectors has proven to be an invaluable resource in her work for Mearto.

Antique globes hold a unique charm, whispering tales of exploration and scientific discovery. But for some, these spheres transcend mere decoration, becoming coveted collector's items. So, how do you determine if your globe is a hidden treasure or a charming conversation piece? Buckle up, history buffs, as we delve into the captivating world of rare antique globes.

A Voyage Through Time: Factors Influencing Rarity

Several factors can elevate an antique globe from interesting to truly extraordinary:

  • Cartographic Innovation: Early globes depicting uncharted territories or reflecting groundbreaking geographical discoveries hold immense value. Imagine a globe with a partially blank North America, hinting at the vast unknown that awaited explorers.
  • Celestial Companions: Don't forget celestial globes! These globes, charting the constellations and celestial bodies,can be just as valuable as their terrestrial counterparts, especially if they showcase outdated astronomical understanding or unique artistry.
  • Globemaker's Legacy: Just like with art, certain globemakers hold legendary status. Globes crafted by renowned artisans like Coronelli, Blaeu, or Cary can fetch significant sums due to their historical significance and exceptional craftsmanship.
  • Material Marvels: The materials used in globe construction play a role. Globes crafted from meticulously hand-colored paper gores, mounted on finely turned stands, are more valuable than simpler, mass-produced versions.Look for intricate details like raised relief features depicting mountain ranges or hand-painted illustrations of mythical creatures adorning the oceans.
  • The Passage of Time: Generally, the older the globe, the rarer it becomes. A well-preserved 16th-century globe, for instance, would be a museum-worthy treasure. However, even an 18th or 19th-century globe in good condition can be quite valuable.

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