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What is calligraphy?

Calligraphy is the visual art of writing, often executed with a broad-tipped instrument or brush using ink. It's a significant part of Asian art traditions, particularly in China, Japan, and Korea, highlighting the importance of the written word.

What is the most expensive example of calligraphy?

The most expensive examples are often from China. A scroll by Chinese calligrapher Huang Tingjian of the Song Dynasty sold for $64 million. Factors like age, rarity, and the esteem of the authors contribute to high sale prices.

What are a calligrapher’s tools?

Ancient calligraphers used ink cakes ground on an ink stone and diluted with controlled droplets of water, along with a flexible animal hair brush and paper or silk writing surfaces.

What are the different styles of calligraphy?

Chinese calligraphy has evolved through various styles such as Oracle Inscriptions, Great Seal Style, Small Seal Style, Clerical Style, Regular Style, and Running Style. Korean and Japanese calligraphy were heavily influenced by Chinese calligraphy but developed distinct styles over time.

What is the historic importance of calligraphy?

Individual calligraphic styles were used by early Chinese emperors for decrees, asserting power and authority. Elite status was often achieved by demonstrating a command of writing, leading to recognition as scholar officials.

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