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Delia has nearly 30 years of experience at regional and international auction houses in the United States, and is also currently the editor of an art and antiques trade publication that tracks market trends, auctions and antiques shows. Delia is a generalist in glass, ceramics, silver and other metals, fine art, textiles, antiquities, wines and spirits, stamps and currency, collectibles and dolls and toys. Additionally, she is a specialist in 15th to 21st Century furniture from around the world. Her extensive professional network of appraisers, curators, dealers and collectors has proven to be an invaluable resource in her work for Mearto.

The value of a rare board game can vary significantly based on several factors. Collectors and enthusiasts often consider the following elements when determining the value of a rare board game:


The condition of the board game is a crucial factor. Games in excellent, unopened, or mint condition are generally more valuable. Any signs of wear, damage, or missing components can affect the game's value.


A rare board game with all its original components, including game pieces, cards, instructions, and the game board, will command a higher value. Incomplete sets are typically less desirable to collectors.

Edition and Rarity:

The edition and rarity of the board game play a significant role. Limited editions, special releases, or versions with unique features are often more valuable. Games that were produced in small quantities or discontinued become rare and sought after.

Popularity and Demand:

The popularity and demand for a specific rare board game influence its value. Games associated with well-known franchises, vintage classics, or those with a dedicated fan base tend to be more valuable.


Vintage or antique board games are often more valuable, especially if they are well-preserved and considered rare. Games from certain time periods or those with historical significance can be highly sought after.


The packaging of the board game is important. Original boxes in good condition, especially if they feature unique artwork or design, contribute to the overall value. Unopened or still-sealed packaging is particularly desirable.

Cultural or Historical Significance:

Board games that hold cultural or historical significance may have higher value. Games associated with specific events, trends, or periods can attract collectors interested in preserving cultural artifacts.

Designer or Publisher:

Board games created by renowned designers or published by well-known companies may have higher value. The reputation of the designer or publisher can contribute to the game's collectibility.

Market Trends:

Current market trends and collector preferences play a role in determining the value of a rare board game. The prices of collectibles can fluctuate based on changing market dynamics.


The availability of the rare board game in the market also influences its value. If a particular game is rarely offered for sale, it may command a higher price when it becomes available.

To determine the specific value of a rare board game, it's recommended to consult with board game collectors, appraisers, or experts who specialize in board game valuation. Online auction platforms, specialized board game marketplaces, and antique or collectibles dealers can provide insights into current market prices. Keep in mind that the value can change over time based on market trends and collector interest.

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