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Antique watches and clocks are one of the most popular items for antique enthusiasts.

This is not a surprise as the act of measuring time has been around for as long as history itself. In fact, it is an activity that can be traced back to antiquity – even before the clocks or watches were invented.

Ever since watches and clocks were invented though, there have been many styles that evolved over the years. The first step to determining the value of antique clocks and watches is to know the type of timepiece that you have. 

Can I Get My Watch Appraised Online?

Sure you can - Our specialists get many watches and clocks and it is very common to appraise online. Just make sure that you provide good description and some good quality, infocus images. But don't worry - if you are missing some important information or an image, our specialists will ask you to provide the necessary information if possible.

Where Can I get My Watch Appraised?

If you are looking for an online appraisal, then you have come to the right place. Use the form below and upload your wath and our watch specialist will get back to you within a few hours.

If you are looking for an appraiser near you, then take a look in our appraiser directory. It is the largest on the web and you can search for your city.

Different Types of Watches and Clocks

We have broken down this section to discuss in more detail the different antique items that you might have under this category, such as antique clocks, pocket watches, and wrist watches.

These items might be handed down from generation to generation.

Their value will also vary based not just on the age and rarity, but also in its use – whether it is a functional timepiece or has an aesthetic value to it as well. When valuing your antique timepieces, make sure you work with licensed and fully qualified appraisers to get an objective assessment of your antique items.

Here is a list of different watches and clocks that we estimate


Patek Philip Pocket watch

PATEK PHILIPPE - A fine and very rare gold and enamel openface pocket watch with original presentation box, certificate, gold watch chain and additional crystal

Estimate: HK$80,000 - 120,000 (SOLD HK$106,250)

Watches & clocks found in realised prices

Apr 08, 2017
Watch Production Act and Ringing Clock Stand.
Description: Watch Production Act and Ringing Clock Stand. St. Louis: Joe Scott, ca. 1930. Floor ...
Mar 26, 2017
Gilt Wall Clock, 20th C.
Description: Gilt Wall Clock, 20th C.. Diameter: 11.5 in. All watches / clocks / lighting are sol...
Mar 26, 2017
German Grandfather Clock
Description: Having pendulum and 3 weights. Case Dimensions: 80 x 24 x 13.5 in. All watches / clo...
Mar 26, 2017
Limited Edition World Time Clock
Description: Limited Edition World Time Clock  Height: 12.5 in. All watches / clocks / lighting a...
Mar 26, 2017
Limited Edition World Time Clock
Description: Limited Edition World Time Clock. Height: 10.5 in.  All watches / clocks / lighting ...
Mar 26, 2017
Pair of Antique Chinese Yellow Lamps w/ Shades
Description: Pair of Antique Chinese Yellow Lamps w/ Shades. Height: 28 in. All watches / clocks ...
Mar 26, 2017
Antique Continental Grandfather Clock
Description: Antique Continental Grandfather Clock.  With hand painted face.  Dimensions of case:...
Mar 26, 2017
Antique Copper Lamp
Description: Antique Copper Lamp. All watches / clocks / lighting are sold for display purposes o...
Mar 26, 2017
Southern Empire American Grandfather Clock
Description: Southern Empire American Grandfather Clock. Signed Geo Wright. Having painted pendul...