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Vintage gold (750 ) necklace/aquamarine/diamond set. Item images 2f1518432026673 1tev6ibr4dp ae5702a4cd0749460c7bb701e0a2073e 2fdsc 0016 Item images 2f1518432026665 q0lxt27ad3i ae5702a4cd0749460c7bb701e0a2073e 2fdsc 0009 Item images 2f1518432026674 ufv4dx6segg ae5702a4cd0749460c7bb701e0a2073e 2fdsc 0017 Item images 2f1518432026662 qe5o7db6ifk ae5702a4cd0749460c7bb701e0a2073e 2fdsc 0007 Item images 2f1518432026667 59ogx2suttp ae5702a4cd0749460c7bb701e0a2073e 2fdsc 0010 Item images 2f1518432026670 domlha5tty ae5702a4cd0749460c7bb701e0a2073e 2fdsc 0013 Item images 2f1518432026658 0c4j2orr1wce ae5702a4cd0749460c7bb701e0a2073e 2fdsc 0006 Item images 2f1518432026663 rg6tnpdw7v ae5702a4cd0749460c7bb701e0a2073e 2fdsc 0008 Item images 2f1518432026671 2nqeu7b0cg5 ae5702a4cd0749460c7bb701e0a2073e 2fdsc 0015 Item images 2f1518432026675 godnt2c729s ae5702a4cd0749460c7bb701e0a2073e 2fdsc 0005 Item images 2f1518432026668 mio352mpgfp ae5702a4cd0749460c7bb701e0a2073e 2fdsc 0011
Michael Barry
8706 Meilen, Kanton Zürich., Switzerland

Vintage gold (750 ) necklace/aquamarine/diamond set.


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Per the ( Zurich jeweller's ) vendor's receipt :A necklace in 18 carat yellow gold. Integrated is a beautiful motif with a large and beautiful aquamarine of approx. 34 ct -surrounded by 78 brilliant-cut diamonds and 4 diamond-carrés of altogether approx. 2.5 ct.The quality of the brilliant diamonds is good with approx. Wesselton - VS. The length is 42 cm and the weight is 77.9grams. This corresponds to a high pure gold value of approximately CHF 2,400. This wonderful piece is well preserved and once cost a small fortune! The central octagonal aquamarine stone measuring 30mm x ( 1 3/16 " ) x 25mm. ( 1 " ) which weighs 34cts, of pleasing colour, within a bombe surround pave~set with brilliant~cut stones, flanked by square~cut stones, on a back chain of brick pattern linking . Total stated Weights & Quality:~ Diamonds: 2.5cts. Rather a spectacular eye catching piece , we believe. Colour: H (Near Colourless) Clarity: VS (Very Slightly Included) Gold: 77grams Overall length : 42 cm. Condition : excellent.


Purchased quite recently from a Zurich jeweller/gemologist.

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$4,500 - $8,000 (United States Dollar)
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What a beautiful piece of timeless jewelry. Again there is hardly anything else to add to the description, The seller knows his business. I couldn´t figure out who made the jewelry. The monogram most likely reads "SA or AS in an octagon", possibly late 20th century. I compared current auction results for the estimate. Asking prices an pre-auction estimates might be higher.

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