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john irvine
Florida, United States of America

Burled walnut gaming table


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This is a family heirloom that originated on a Mississippi padal wheeler. It was totally restored in the 1960's. A close look reveals the four claw in ball legs are hand carved of this pedistal gaming table


The table was handed down to me within the family, originally from an estate

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$850 - $1,750 (United States Dollar)
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This is an antique, early 19th century, early American Empire period, circa 1815, Boston-style gaming table with elaborate pedestal and 4-carved feet. The carved and fanciful detailed base dates this to the early 19th century. Later American Empire period styles changed the base form to a more linear, Baroque Revival form. Unfortunately, the market is slumped on antique gaming tables, and they sell for significantly less on today's market as compared to a few decades ago. The estimate is based on actual past recent recorded auction sales of comparables.

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