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Ken Royalty
Camden, SC, United States of America

1867 paris world's fair wooden souvenir book


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wooden book that opens with a key


bought at estate sale

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$650 - $900 (United States Dollar)
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This antique is an original souvenir ware from the 1867 Exposition Universelle in Paris which was a massive feat and extraordinary undertaking held in the Champs de Mars. The Champ de Mars park is now best known for being the park with the Eiffel Tower, however in 1867, the Eiffel Tower was still 20 years away from existing. There were thousands of artisans from around the world showcasing the crafts, talents and Post Industrial Revolution technologies. Your souvenir is a bas-relief hand stipple carved oak trompe-l'oeil document lock box in the form of a book. 19th century World Fair souvenirs are highly collected by a niche market, and this is a hard-to-find unique, well-crafted 1867 souvenir in wood that has survived. The estimate is based on actual past recorded auction sales of comparables and accounts for the condition issue with the ream on the top side.

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