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What is my medal worth?

Do you have historical medals you would like to get valued? Would you like to know how much that Napoleonic medal you bought from the antique market is worth? Whether British, French, Russian or Dutch, Orders, Decorations and Medals bear witness to political history and thus have a historical an emotional value. They can be from the World War I or II, Russo-Turkish War, Napoleonic Wars, Waterloo and many more important events that shaped our day. . The first known instance of a medal was recorded in the 4th cc BCE, with the “golden button” Alexander the Great gave to the Hebrew High Priest Jonathan for his help as an honorary award. Most popular honorary orders and decorations include the French Legion d’honneur, a Prussian Iron Cross, The United States Continental Congress awarded the Fidelity Medallion and the Victorian Cross. They can be made from gold or they can be set with diamonds such as the Russian Imperial orders. In order to learn the real market value of your object, it is important that a Medal Appraisal Specialist values your militaria and assess it in detail according to its age, origin, inscription and so on. If you are looking to find medal appraisal, simply fill out our form in detail preferably with information about the recipient and send us detailed pictures of the object with the original documentation -if applicable.

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  • If I submit an item, am I obligated to sell?

    No! We will only appraise your item, but can help you find the right auction house

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    No! Our pricing model is very transparent - $15 for one appraisal

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    We guarantee your appraisal within 48 hours on weekdays, but most often it is faster.

  • What happens after I receive the appraisal?

    We will list local auction houses and dealers in your area, if you would like to sell you item.