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What is my Latin Art worth?

In this category we cover modern and contemporary works of art by Latin American artists that range from Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamayo, Fernando Botero to most famously Frida Kahlo. Types of art works include all media such as paintings, drawings, prints, lithographs, photography, digital, video and sculpture. The Latin American Art market is an emerging and fast growing art market that is on the focus of collectors worldwide. This growth is in line with the growing economies and increasing wealth of Latin America, which creates collectors who want to buy their nation’s art. In the last two decades, the increasing popularity of Latin American market persuaded top auction houses worldwide to hold sales dedicated solely to Latin American art, which brings an increased focus to the category, resulting in stably increasing prices. If you are looking to find an appraisal for Latin American Art, Mearto puts you in contact with specialized experts who will assess the objects according to detailed characteristics to determine the market value and estimated price.

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Frequently asked questions

  • If I submit an item, am I obligated to sell?

    No! We will only appraise your item, but can help you find the right auction house

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    No! Our pricing model is very transparent - $15 for one appraisal

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    We guarantee your appraisal within 48 hours on weekdays, but most often it is faster.

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    We will list local auction houses and dealers in your area, if you would like to sell you item.